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August, 2018

Grand Knight’s Message
We begin a new year with some adjusting of our events and doing some new and exciting things this year. As you get this 1 month of our fraternal has almost done. I would also like to welcome Brian Kurt to our council as our newest addition. Some of the new things and changes are: Doing 5 breakfasts (3 less from last year), Council Christmas party, (date change; details at a later date.), Council retreat of reflection, and more yet to be announced. The final details and date of our council retreat of reflection is still being worked on. As I stated at the year-end dinner, even though we are scaling back on a few things; it allows us to open our minds and try some new and relaxed programs to engage us better with the catholic faith along with attracting new members.

This year’s theme is” Grow The Order”. Our requirements for star council improved just a bit. To achieve star council, we need 12 new members & 4 new Insurance members. We just finished with our first event of the year which is our Summer Social.

We congratulate Deacon Tim Zinda as he celebrates his 10th anniversary as a Deacon.

Big Deal Drawings; • I am only going to be doing 2; September 2018 & March 2019. The winner will get their choice of a Free Steak Dinner or 50 entries towards $60 gift card drawing. In addition, I will draw a 2nd name which gets their choice of ½ price steak dinner or 20 entries towards $60 gift card • Also I will do random giveaways for various items • Finally listen to a webinar, receive 10 entries towards $60 gift card for answering the questions they asked. Please E-mail or write them down along with your name and title of webinar it came from.

Upcoming events include: Summer Breakfast, Feed My Starving Children, St. Tim’s Carnival, & Annual Fishing Trip. Read further more information on any of these events.

Jeremy Hadash
Grand Knight

New Program Model
This year also marks the change from “Surge with Service” to the new model “Faith in Action” We will only have 4 Program categories; Faith, Family, Community, & Life. The change was made because it better fits us today as catholic gentlemen.

Ladies Auxiliary
As I begin this term as President of our auxiliary, I feel honored and privileged to once again lead this great organization.

Thanks to the ladies who are continuing with their positions for this year—Vice President Gladys Resler, Secretary Roberta Hacker, Treasurer Sandy Resler, and Trustees Bev Bromen and Kristi LaValle. I am blessed to have you as fellow officers.

Recently, Treasurer Sandy, trustees Bev and Kristi, and I completed the annual audit of the treasurer’s books. Everything was in good order and balanced perfectly. Thanks, Sandy, for your accuracy and diligence, to Bev for hosting, and to Bev and Kristi for conducting the audit.

The ladies have had a summer off and our 1st general meeting of the year is September 19 when we have a potluck for our Knights.

Each year, the annual membership dues are due by September 1. If you haven’t already sent in your dues, please bring your money to the September meeting.

May we continue to see God’s blessings in all we do.
Jean Ackermann, President

Council Membership Dues
We currently have 36 members who have not paid dues for this new council year. A second mailing has gone out and hopefully as you read this the number will be much lower. If you haven’t paid your dues at this time please do so. It is one of the ways we support our council. The more notices that get sent out the more it does cost our council, so please send your membership dues in the following years as soon as you get the first notice.

Special Congratulations
Jerome & Roberta Hacker who celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary June 2018. • The Hosford’s, Ken & Sandy Resler and Ed & Donna Kidrowski for being selected as recipients of family of the month awards from supreme this past year.

St. Tim’s Fall Carnival
The Knights basically run the grill and need help to make it a success. Ladies are welcome to help to as servers, cashiers and order fillers. Shift Times are as follows:
Friday September 7, 2018: Set-up 1pm-3:30pm, 3:45pm- 7:15pm, 7:15pm-11pm
Saturday September 8, 2018 9:30am- 1:00pm, 1:00pm- 4:30pm, 4:30pm- 7:45pm, 7:45pm- 11:00pm
Sunday September 9, 2018 9:30am- 1:30pm, 1:30pm- 5:30pm
Monday September 10, 2018 8:00am- 12:00pm (Final Clean-Up)

Call Jeremy Hadash if you prefer to do a certain job, let me know**

Prayer concerns
Jerome Hacker, Steve Schutze, Fred Timm, Family of Ben Burville, Carrol Vetsch, Ed Bicha, Ron Frank, Ken Wallace, Bob Boeding, Lori Houff, Harold Amiot, Dick Smith, Jorge Slater, Alice Turner(wife of James Turner), Bob Cuddigan’s Daughter, The Pope’s prayer for peace, All those effected by the storms and natural disasters, All those suffering from depression, All those who are going Family Promise of Anoka County, All Serving Members of the Priesthood, Diaconate, and Religious Life, All serving members of the armed forces.

We Remember...
We take time to remember some of the Knights who have gone before us. May we keep them and their families in our thoughts and prayers. E. Donald Henry, Lorin Yenor, Peter Rothstein, James Burlager, Jerome Fischer, Doyle Copeland, William Peters, Roger Robinson, Kenneth Rosen, Jerome Nouis, Edwin Wagner, Bradley Johnson, Ivan Barthel, Joseph Hillenbrand, John Parsons, Duane Arett and Leo Van Uden.

Birthday Wishes
The following members of our council celebrated birthdays in July. Hope you had a great day. Happy belated birthday. Ron Frank, Rudolph Kalan, Wilfred Karels, Allen Caron, Jorge Slater, Tom Fluegel, Bill Brodie, Harley Hedy, David Joseph Martin, Jerome Hacker, Thomas Brown Jr., Eberhard Hinnenkamp, Marty King, Carroll Vetsch, Raymond Kubow and Jim Ackermann.
Happy Birthday to the following members who will be celebrating another year in August. Marcus Haeg, Jeff Revering, Neil Lansing, Joseph Miller, Art Ohotto, Dale Eilers, Le Roy Kulla, Mike Huey, David Stanton, Timothy Virnig, Kevin McCarty, Eugene Boos, David Kieffer and Philip Sheppard. Hope you have a great day

4th Degree News
1) Many of us have different feelings on how Supreme decided to transition into a new uniform, effective July 1, 2019. Did you join only for the outfit or to learn about the patriotic arm of the order? Your participation of the 4th degree functions is of your choosing, however the MN 4th Degree in general has no fundraising done throughout the year. So, built into your dues each year is amount which goes to 4th Degree charities. Therefore, we still value you as a member, so when you pay your dues; your contribution is being put to use based upon the 1st principle of the order “Charity”. If you have considered discontinuing your 4th Degree, membership; I am asking to you to reconsider being a part of the Patriotic degree. 2) Interested in Joining the 4th Degree? Next 2 are very close, so no hotel expense. Fall in Lino Lakes on Oct. 27th & Spring in Bloomington on April 27th. Contact Jeremy if interested; Faithful Comptroller for Nicollet Assembly.

Supreme Convention 2019
It is just about 1 year away. This exciting event brings Brother Knights from all over the globe. There will also be lots clergy in attendance including 10 cardinals, 100 bishops, and many priests. I know many of you have some great talents. Why not showcase them to your brother knights and give them a taste of Minnesota. Let’s show them that we can host a great convention. Sign up online at or ask me for a form to fill out.

Dance Floor Rental
Stiftungsfest German Festival in Norwood Young America. I need three Knights to help set up the floor on Thursday August 23rd. Meet at St Tim’s garage at 8 AM. Three Knights to help tear down Sunday August 26th. Again meet at St. Tim’s garage. This is a rental with the money going into our Charity account. Stiftungsfest is the oldest German Festival in Minnesota. Call Dick Dols if you can help.
Dick Dols

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