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June/July, 2018

Reminder From The Editors: No Guidepost in July!!

Grand Knight’s Message
At our year end dinner on June 22nd, I will be honoring many of our members for their time, talent, & service to the council. With the assistance of you all, we continue to do the good works of the order. No matter how many hours you provide to us, charity is still being contributed to the Knights of Columbus. Thanks to every who provided their time & talent.
We Congratulate Marc Peters as our new Stat Deputy. Please give your congrats when you see him. Many exciting things happened at this year’s State Convention. See my notes for the highlights.

Incentives for recruiting: There are many rewards for those who recruit new members at the Council Level, State Level, & Supreme Level- I will let you know if you earned these.

Prayer concerns- Carrol Vetsch, Ed Bicha, Ron Frank, Ken Wallace, Bob Boeding, Lori Houff, Harold Amiot, Dick Smith, Jorge Slater, Alice Turner(wife of James Turner), Bob Cuddigan’s Daughter, The Pope’s prayer for peace, All those effected by the storms and natural disasters, All those suffering from depression, All those who are going Family Promise of Anoka County, All Serving Members of the Priesthood, Diaconate, and Religious Life, All serving members of the armed forces.

St. Tim’s 75th Anniversary On Sunday May 20, 2018; St. Tim’s celebrated its 75th Jubilee. The Official Celebration mass was at the 10:30am mass. It was great to see a good amount of our past clergy. Thanks to those who assisted with ushering during mass.

4th Degree News
1) Many of us have different feelings on how Supreme decided to transition into a new uniform, effective July 1, 2019. Did you join only for the outfit or to learn about the patriotic arm of the order? Your participation of the 4th degree functions is of your choosing, however the MN 4th Degree in general has no fundraising done throughout the year. So, built into your dues each year is amount which goes to 4th Degree charities. Therefore, we still value you as a member, so when you pay your dues; your contribution is being put to use based upon the 1st principle of the order “Charity”. If you have considered discontinuing your 4th Degree, membership; I am asking to you to reconsider being a part of the Patriotic degree.
2) Upcoming Dinner Meetings: Monday June 4th at St. Mary of the lake; Plymouth, MN (June is also Installation mass for 4th Degree officers)
3)Next 4th Degree Exemplifications: ***DATE CHANGE*** July 28th @ St. Vincent DePaul in Brooklyn Park, October 27th in Lino Lakes. Stay Tuned for more Details.

Bingo Night- Thank you to those who helped. The proceeds will be donated to the Prison Ministry. Amount will be revealed with a check presentation to Deacon Tim Zinda at the year-end dinner.

E-mails: When providing us your e-mail for contact & e-mails in the Knights database, it not only gives us as a council to e-mail and contact, but also the Supreme Knights of Columbus to e-mail and contact you. This results you the chance of getting numerous e-mails. If you wish to only receive from our council, we have the option to opt you out. Email Jeremy Hadash to change and opt-out.

New KC Insurance Agent – I am pleased to announced that we have a new agent assigned to us. His name is Jessie Greogry. I have no contact info right now but will let everyone know once I get it. We welcome him to our council and look forward to working with him.

Save the Date! Our 5th Annual Summer Social will be on Saturday July 21, 2018 @ St. Tim’s. You can sign up by e-mail at Again the cost is FREE!

2018 State Convention Notes
At the State convention last year, they said our ship had been heading in the wrong direction. This year we evaluated it and it showed us shifting back in the right direction. If we continue this trend, we be thriving again.

Another issue we have is that many councils are aging and need some young, new blood. So how do we accomplish that? Utilizing some new tools: Pocket guide & business cards. These items are handy enough that they fit right in your pocket, so that you have the information you need. In addition to that utilizing Facebook & Twitter and inviting others to join. Finally, to help gain younger members, we should be talking to the teens more and finding out what they like. From there, we formulate a new program that they can do. Once that has been completed, the word gets out about us; and we become a better council for the future.

Some of things we will be adhering to next fraternal year are going from 6 program categories to 4. Most of the programs will remain the same, along with the addition of new programs. With these innovative programs, some are going to be mandatory for which we must conduct. Details to be revealed later in August’s Guidepost.

Surge with Service, a tool to guide a council in doing programs is going away. It is now called “Faith In Action”. Our program categories are now: Faith, Family, Community, & Life.

Our Calendar- Enclosed is a calendar of our functions for next year. As many will notice, we going form 8 breakfasts to 5. This is so we can do some new and exciting activities.

Save the Date! KC Annual Mass- This year’s mass was well attended. The 3rd KC Annual mass will be held March 30, 2019. At this mass it reminds of how the order began with its found by Father Michael J. McGivney.

2019 Supreme Convention- This going to be approaching very quickly! The dates are going to be August 6-8, 2019. Many us have some unique talents, and ask you consider providing them during the Supreme Convention. A fantastic opportunity to interact and talk to those from around the world. See what others are doing, maybe give us some new & innovative ideas. How would you like to be in the presence of 100 bishops, 10 cardinals, and hundred? This is a rare opportunity and only comes as often as the Super Bowl. Sign up today @ MNKNIGHTS.ORG

Do you know how many charter members we have? Submit your guess to the grand knight for a chance to earn lots of entries for the annual drawing of a $30 gift card.

Good of the order-
A big thanks to those do volunteering outside of our own council activities. Below are what people have done this past year.
* Ed & Donna Kidrowski- They have put in 696 hours for the local food shelf. Their duties included: Sorting food, packing food, pick up the food, distributing the food, getting volunteers, and doing the monthly accounting. WOW!
* Ed & Donna Kidrowski- Volunteering at the county fair. A total of 30 hours.
* Al Loerzel- Volunteering 120 hours for the Boy Scouts
* Dick Dols- Serving food, shoveling snowing for neighbors

St. Tim’s Carnival- It will be held September 7,8,9. Help is needed at the grill. Watch for details in August’s Guidepost. If you would like to do the same shift last year, let me know and I will keep you on before I purged the names. You have until August 1st to let me know your intention to the same shift/shifts.

Webinar day/time changes- There are many webinars to assist us in being a better council. Now being held evenings during the week except Wednesday. Register to listen in on one at

Vivat Jesus!
Jeremy Hadash
Grand Knight

Election of Officers
The following nominations were made at the May general meeting. They were then voted as our elected officers for the council year 2017-2018. .

Grand Knight – Jeremy Hadash
Deputy Grand Knight – Don Hosford
Chancellor – Matt Bliss
Recorder – Steve Silverdahl
Warden - Al Loerzel
Advocate – Tom Fluegel
Treasurer – Ken Resler
Outside Guard – Terry Wagner
Inside Guard – Don Westman
3 yr Trustee – Jerome Hacker
2 yr Trustee - Bob Roiger
1 yr Trustee – Terry Wagner

Annual Kitchen Clean Up
The annual St. Tim’s Kitchen clean up this year will be Thursday June 7th starting at 8AM. Lunch at 11:30. Our Council used the kitchen 19 times this council year. We will join the Council of Women and Funeral Committee. To sign up for kitchen clean up contact Dick Dols.

Ladies Auxiliary
We received a few awards from the State Convention—Hosting the State Workshop and the highest amount of financial donations per auxilian in the State of Minnesota.

The casino trip was very successful. Thank you, Jan Dols and Kristi LaValle, for arranging this fun outing.

We served approximately 50 people at the Ronald McDonald House. Thank you, Kristi LaValle and Don Hosford, for organizing and also to those who helped prepare and serve the meal. We couldn’t have done it without you.

The men’s year end dinner will be June 22 at Brook Hall. Please consider coming.

Installation of officers is held at the same time as the men on June 27, 6 pm mass/installation, at St. John the Baptist, New Brighton. Officers please remember to bring your officer jewels.

A surprise baby shower was held for Elyssa. A special pray intention was spoken for Elyssa for a safe baby delivery in June. Thank you to Sandy Resler for arranging this and the Ladies night out.

Pray intentions were spoken for Ron, Keith, Lenny, Darla for their health. Also, for those intentions not spoken but held deep within our hearts. May all find comfort and healing.

Thank you, ladies, for a very rewarding and great year as your President. Thanks to all the officers for the current year and thank you for serving again next year. It has been a privilege and an honor to serve you during this past year.

The ladies don’t meet during June, July, and August. I hope you all have a wonderful summer and we’ll see you in September when the ladies have a potluck for our Knights.

Jean Ackermann

Year End Dinner
All are cordially invited to this years, Year End Dinner to be held at Brookhall Event Center Friday, June 22nd Social hour 5:30 Dinner at 6:30.

We will have a Buffet dinner consisting of Roast Beef & Turkey, Roasted Red Potatoes, Green Beans, Gravy plus all the other fixings. Cost is $20.00 per person this year. There will be a cash bar for all knights and their families. We also celebrate the accomplishments of this fraternal year done in the spirit of our founder Father Michael J McGivney. Please contact me by e-mail at to confirm your reservation. We look forward to your company to make this a special evening for everyone.
Robert Roiger
Immediate Past Grand Knight

Happy Birthday
The following members are celebrating birthdays in June. Hope you have a great day. Noble Rainville Jr., Joseph Hadzima, Leland Karels, Don Hosford, Thomas Martin, Michael Arel, David Anderson, Tom Lodermeier, Randolph Deutsch, Timothy Clancy, Mark Hemmesch, Michael Medcalf, Gary Ackerman, Benjamin Burville and Deacon Tim Zinda.

We Remember
Please pray for the following members who have gone before us.
John Hassler, Richard Paul, Stephen Votruba, Raymond Peter, William Ellenbecker, Michael Klaers, Mathias Kremer, Richard Tinker, Michael Welle, Garry Hallman, DeWayne Knobbe, Patrick Chuinard, Dale Dowson and Bill Revering.

Knights of Columbus Family Camping
Two choices this summer. Knights of Columbus International Camporee August 3rd to 10th near Duluth, MN. Campers come from around the midwest. Minnesota K of C State Camporee August 25 to 27th near Pipestone, MN, campers from throughout the state. Hotels nearby for both if you do not have RV’s, pull type campers or tents. More information at Minnesota State K of C website. Click on Programs, Family Programs, State Camporee.
Dick Dols

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