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May, 2018

Grand Knight’s Message
At our year end dinner, I will be honoring many of our members for their time, talent, & service to the council. With the assistance of you all, we continue to do the good works of the order. No matter how many hours you provide to us, charity is still being contributed to the Knights of Columbus.

I would like to thank Steve Silverdahl for a great steak fry last month and to Deb McPeck for giving a great presentation on Mary’s Meals. Next Month prior to the May General Meeting at 7pm, we’ll be watching “Child 31” which go more in depth on Mary’s Meals. Our meeting will be in room 224 for this month.

Effective March 31st, we do not have an insurance agent. Alan Savage has parted ways with selling KC insurance to be a Parish Administrator. We wish him luck in his new career. In meantime if you have questions on the KC insurance, please contact the Grand Knight.

Next Month, I will share with everyone all the good works that our members have contributed outside of the functions that we do as a council. In addition, I will share news from the State Convention.

Let’s pray for a strong finish to our council year.

Vivat Jesus!

Jeremy Hadash
Grand Knight

Nomination of Officers
The following nominations were made at the April general meeting. The May meeting we will conclude the nominations and then vote on our officers for the 2018-2019 council year. If you are interested in becoming an officer please contact the Grand Knight. Currently we are in need of someone stepping forward to Warden.

Grand Knight – Jeremy Hadash
Deputy Grand Knight – Don Hosford
Chancellor – Matt Bliss
Recorder – Steve Silverdahl
Warden - Open
Advocate – Tom Fluegel
Treasurer – Ken Resler
Outside Guard – Al Loerzel
Inside Guard – Don Westman
3 yr Trustee – Jerome Hacker
2 yr Trustee - Bob Roiger
1 yr Trustee – Terry Wagner

When providing us your e-mail for contact & e-mails in the Knights database, it not only gives us as a council to e-mail and contact, but also the Supreme Knights of Columbus to e-mail and contact you. This results in you having the chance of getting numerous e-mails. If you wish to only receive from our council, we have the option to opt you out. Email Jeremy Hadash at to change or opt-out.

Incentives for recruiting
There are many rewards for those who recruit new members at the Council Level, State Level, & Supreme Level- I will let you know if you earned these.

Big Deal Council Year Contest
Your participation with various council functions will earn you an entry for a chance to win a $30 gift card. (when we do this for the next council year, it will be a $60 gift card!) How to earn entries: 1) Attend the monthly meeting gets you 1 entry, volunteering a shift for breakfast gets you 1 entry, 2 shifts=3 entries. Participating in council meeting activity-entries 1-2. Helping at a shift for concertina bowl, fish fry prep, during fish fry, and other events during the remainder of the year. The more you participate and help with, the more chances you have to win. Ladies are included. The winner will be drawn live at our year-end dinner. Good luck to you all.

Good of the Order- Reminder
I would like reported to me your good works, so I can mention during the meeting and in the guidepost. You can e-mail me at with the goods work that you or another brother knight has done.

Ladies Auxiliary
Special thanks to Vice President Gladys Resler for handling my duties while I was at our grandson’s 1st communion.

We’ll be serving dinner at Ronald McDonald House on Wednesday, May 2. Prepping can be done the night before at St. Tim’s Kitchen. All food MUST be prepared in the kitchen. We will caravan and leave at 2:30 from St. Tim’s to go to Ronald McDonald House. Please contact Kristi LaValle to Volunteer.

Our Ladies Night Out is Wednesday, May 16, beginning at 6:30 pm, at Pizza Ranch on Bunker Boulevard, Andover. Contact Sandy Resler so she knows you’ll be joining us.

As we rapidly come to the end of our Auxiliary year, I want to personally thank you for the commitment to our many projects this past year. The Lenten Bake Sales were fantastic!

Our major events for the fraternal year included purchasing a new processional cross for St. Tim’s celebrating our 50th anniversary and hosting the Minnesota State auxiliary workshop.

The State Convention was attended by Roberta Hacker, Gladys Resler, Sandy Resler, Margo Arett and me. I was re-elected as 2nd Trustee for the State Auxiliary.

Prayer intentions are for those dealing with cancer and other health situations.

God Bless to all.

Jean Ackermann

Year End Dinner
All are cordially invited to this years, Year End Dinner to be held at Brookhall Event Center Friday June 22d Social hour 5:30 Dinner at 6:30.

We will have a Buffet dinner consisting of Roast Beef & Turkey, Roasted Red Potatoes, Green Beans, Gravy plus all the other fixings. Cost is $20.00 per person this year. There will be a cash bar for all knights and their families. We will also celebrate the accomplishments of this fraternal year done in the spirit of our founder Father Michael J McGivney. Please contact me by e-mail at to confirm your reservation. We look forward to your company to make this a special evening for everyone.

Robert Roiger
Immediate Past Grand Knight

5th Annual Summer Social
Save the Date! Our 5th Annual Summer Social will be on Saturday July 21, 2018.

Prayer Concerns:
Carrol Vetsch, Ed Bicha, Ron Frank, Ken Wallace, Bob Boeding, Lori Houff, Harold Amiot, Dick Smith, Jorge Slater, Alice Turner (wife of James Turner), Bob Cuddigan’s Daughter, The Pope’s prayer for peace, All those effected by the storms and natural disasters, All those suffering from depression, All those who are going Family Promise of Anoka County, All Serving Members of the Priesthood, Diaconate, and Religious Life and all serving members of the armed forces.

Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday wishes to the following members. Michael Prokott, Kenneth Wallace, Jerome Petron, John Waage, Patrick Schneider, David Falkner, David Heim, Gary Schultz, Paul Hanzelka, Thomas Theischafer, Matt Bliss, Thomas Connor, Hubert Albers, Thomas Tran, Virgil Molitor, Larry Mashuga, Richard Krawiecki, Dave Sowada, William Breemeersch, Michael Whitney, Keith Friendshuh, Paul Gaspersich and Victor Krause.

Save the Date
The annual St. Tim’s Kitchen clean-up this year will be Thursday June 7th starting at 8AM. Lunch at 11:30. Our Council used the kitchen 19 times this council year. We will join the St Tim’s Ladies Council and Funeral Committee. I have unopened cases of Breaded Pollock for sale from the Fish Fry. $35.00 for an 8 Pound case. To sign up for kitchen clean up or interest in the Pollock call Dick Dols.

Bingo Night - Prison Ministry Fundraiser
May 4th - I need some volunteers for the following: Bingo Verifiers/Prize Distributors (6:30pm-9pm, need 3), Concessions (6pm-8:30pm-Ladies Auxiliary, need 3), Set-up (3:00pm-5:30pm, need 3)-setup of cashier table, concessions, bingo, prize table. Email Jeremy Hadash at to help.

Saint Timothy's 75th Anniversary
On Sunday May 20, 2018; St. Tim’s celebrates its 75th Jubilee. The Official Celebration Mass will be at the 10:30am Mass. I am in need of 8 volunteers to assist with being door greeters prior to Mass and then taking up collection. It would nice if I had 1 Lady & gentlemen at each door (Husband & Wife). Please wear your KC polo shirts that day. Email Jeremy Hadash to help.

We Remember
We pray for the following men of our council who have died. Paul Van Wagner, Frank Feeney, Patrick Pribula, Frank Nieland, Robert Hosford, Irvin Horning, Bennett Johnsen, Carmon Gregerson, Randy Bauer, Elroy Diers, Milton Rheault, Rev. John Mitchell and Gerald Korkoski. Please remember them and their families in your prayers.

4th Degree News-
1) Many of us have different feelings on how Supreme decided to transition into a new uniform, effective July 1, 2019. Did you join only for the outfit or r to learn about the patriotic arm of the order? Your participation of the 4th degree functions is of your choosing, however the MN 4th Degree in general has no fundraising done throughout the year. So, built into your dues each year is amount which goes to 4th Degree charities. Therefore, we still value you as a member, so when you pay your dues; your contribution is being put to use based upon the 1st principle of the order “Charity”. If you have considered discontinuing your 4th Degree, membership; I am asking to you to reconsider being a part of the Patriotic degree.
2) Upcoming Dinner Meetings: Monday May 4th, St. George in Long Lake, MN & Monday June 4th at St. Mary of the lake; Plymouth, MN (June is also Installation mass for 4th Degree officers)
3)Next 4th Degree Exemplifications: July 14th @ St. Vincent DePaul in Brooklyn Park, October 27th in Lino Lakes. Stay Tuned for more Details. Any Questions, Email Jeremy at


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