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April, 2018

Grand Knight’s Message
Lent is nearing its end as we celebrate the rising of our Lord, Jesus Christ. This also a time where we see the end of our council year approaching. At this time, I am praising everyone for all their hard work this year contributing time and talents to make this a very successful year. Each year the Grand Knight submits their programs held to the state and then the results are heard at the State Convention with the top 3 honored. At our year end dinner, I will also honor many of our members for their time, talent, & service to the council.

At our Steak Fry before the General Meeting, our guest speaker will be Deb McPeck to talk about Mary’s Meals. Before the May meeting, we will watch Child 31 on Mary’s Meals.

During our final quarter of the council year we still have things to do including: sponsor the confirmation reception, April breakfast, Tootsie Roll Drive, Bingo Night, elect our officers for the 2018-2019 year, and finish with our Year-End Dinner. Let’s pray for a strong finish to our council year.

Vivat Jesus!

Jeremy Hadash
Grand Knight

Annual Spring Steak and Chicken Grill
April 18th with Social beginning @ 6 pm.
Cost is $10 per person, with non-meat meal $5
Contact Steve Silverdahl by April 15th. Leave an email at, with your name, call back number, and choice of Steak or Chicken.

Your opinion matters…
Each year our programs success depends our members volunteering their time. This year I’ve noticed at a few functions we struggled. So, do we scale back a bit? Change and simplify? Please send me your feedback via e-mail to

E-mails: When providing us your e-mail for contact & e-mails in the Knights database, it not only gives us as a council to e-mail and contact, but also the Supreme Knights of Columbus to e-mail and contact you. This results in you having the chance of getting numerous e-mails. If you wish to only receive from our council, we have the option to opt you out. Email Jeremy Hadash at to change or opt-out.

Incentives for recruiting
There are many rewards for those who recruit new members at the Council Level, State Level, & Supreme Level- I will let you know if you earned these.

Big Deal Monthly Contest
Big Deal Monthly Contest-Congrats to Bob Roiger for winning this month.

Big Deal Council Year Contest
Your participation with various council functions will earn you an entry for a chance to win a $30 gift card. (when we do this for the next council year, it will be a $60 gift card!) How to earn entries: 1) Attend the monthly meeting gets you 1 entry, volunteering a shift for breakfast gets you 1 entry, 2 shifts=3 entries. Participating in council meeting activity-entries 1-2. Helping at a shift for concertina bowl, fish fry prep, during fish fry, and other events during the remainder of the year. The more you participate and help with, the more chances you have to win. Ladies are included. The winner will be drawn live at our year-end dinner. Good luck to you all.

Good of the Order- Reminder
I would like reported to me your good works, so I can mention during the meeting and in the guidepost. You can e-mail me at with the goods work that you or another brother knight has done.

Ladies Auxiliary
Thanks to all the ladies for the baked goodies for the Lenten Fish Fries. We did extremely well on our sales and managed to have enough help to get the job done efficiently. Thank You Bakers and Workers!!! We sampled some goodies at the March meeting and will decide at the April meeting where to donate some of the monies from the bake sales.

We updated our By-Laws and they will be filed with Marilyn Jacobs, State Parliamentarian.

Congratulations to next year’s officers President Jean Ackermann, VP Gladys Resler, Secretary Roberta Hacker, Treasurer Sandy Resler, Trustees Bev Bromen and Kristy LaValle. Installation of officers is with the men in June.

April is the month for the steak fry with our men. Please consider any help you can give them.

Remember that April 28 is the State Convention and April 29 is the Casino Trip to Turtle Lake in Wisconsin. Be sure to get your registration in now to Jan Dols or Kristy LaValle so we have a good count for who is going. Busy, busy weekend for us, especially if we help with the Tootsie Roll Drive.

We’ll be serving dinner at Ronald McDonald House on May 1st. Please contact Kristy LaValle to Volunteer.

Our Ladies Night Out is going to be May 16th and we will be going to the Pizza Ranch on Bunker Boulevard. Contact Sandy Resler so she knows you’ll be joining us.

Prayer intentions were spoken for Bob B., Melissa, Jeffrey, Ron, Corrine/Remi, Lenny and Elyssa for their health. Safe travels to Brian, Tina, and Wayne. May they all find comfort during this difficult time for those intentions spoken and those held deep within our hearts.

May we continue to see God’s blessings in all we do.

Jean Ackermann

Prayer Concerns:
Family of Leo Riplinger, Family of Richard (Dick) Hallman, Ed Bicha, Ron Frank, Ken Wallace, Lynn Durocher, Bob Boeding, Keith Rasmussen, Lori Houff, Harold Amiot, Dick Smith, Jorge Slater, Alice Turner (wife of James Turner), Bob Cuddigan’s Daughter, The Pope’s prayer for peace, All those effected by the storms and natural disasters, All those suffering from depression, All Serving Members of the Priesthood, Diaconate, and Religious Life, All serving members of the armed forces.

Prayers keep us moving when in need, however we have gotten an extensive list for the last 2 months. We talked about this at the General meeting on November 15, and after the discussion; we have decided that each name would be published at least 2 times in the Guidepost. After being published 2 times the name would be removed, unless stated by the member or someone who has spoken to that member. Also, we care about one another and we want how you are doing. Let us know if you have improved, still need prayers, etc.

Happy Birthday
Birthday wishes go out to the following members who have birthdays in the month of April. Joseph Modesette, Kenneth Klisch, Lyle Lindberg, Keith Rasmussen, Dennis Schroeder, Gerald Hadzima, Fred Timm, Don Westman, Allan Trapp, Michael Allard, Steve Silverdahl, Fr. Harry Tasto, Timothy Skillings, Corey Geist, Roger Posterick, James Fortwengler, Bob Roiger, Steven Calabrese and Bob Boeding. We hope you have a great day on your birthday.

Lenten Fish Fries
Greetings. The last one was March 23rd. We missed every snowstorm during our fish fries. Numbers were down but still had over 400 customers every night except the pre-lenten one. Thanks to everyone who volunteered to work one, several and in some cases all seven fish fries. Especially the Ladies Auxilly who helped in kitchen, with the Confirmation groups and doing the baking for the weekly bake sale.
Dave Lodermeier and Dick Dols Co-Chairman.

Your Help is needed to make the following events successful…

Confirmation Reception
April 8th I need 6 volunteers to do some lite prep work serve food and beverages, & clean up after 10:30am mass. Shift time would be 10:30am-1:30pm (3 hrs) Email Jeremy Hadash at to help.

April Sunday Breakfast
Will be April 15th. NOT on the usual 2nd Sunday. The same menu except we will be doing Egg Bake. Help is needed. Shifts will be 7:30 am - 10:30 am and 10:30 am - 1:30 pm. Assembly of egg bake 6:00 PM Saturday night, April 14th. To sign up, please email Chairman Matt Bliss at

Bingo Night - Prison Ministry Fundraiser
May 4th - I need some volunteers for the following: Bingo Caller (6:30pm-9pm) Bingo card seller (Cashier) (5:30pm-8:30pm), Bingo card sales counter (5:30pm-8:30pm), Bingo Verifiers/Prize Distributors (6:30pm-9pm, need 3), Concessions (6pm-8:30pm-Ladies Auxiliary, need 3), Set-up (3:00pm-5:30pm, need 3)-setup of cashier table, concessions, bingo, prize table. Email Jeremy Hadash at to help.

Saint Timothy's 75th Anniversary
Save the Date! St. Tim’s celebrates its 75th Anniversary on May 20, 2018. Stay tuned on how we plan to celebrate.

We Remember
This month we take time to remember the following members who have passed away. Please pray for them and their families. Walter Duggan, Greg Krier, Byron Bauer, Arthur Krych, Ronald Labiak, David Van Den Broeke, Wilfred Weiers, George Antonozzi, Vern Hughes, Robert Murphy, Lawrence Silverdahl, Gilbert Speath, Norman Hovland and Leroy Primus.

Knight’s Foundation Raffle Tickets
Plenty of tickets remain for you to buy a chance at winning cash prizes. You can’t win cash prizes unless you buy a ticket. Half of the money collected returns to our council. Last year the foundation was used by our Ladies to help purchase the processional cross. Tickets will be on sale at the April general membership meeting. Please contact Gerald Arel at if you are interested in buying a chance.

4th Degree News-
Due to the overwhelming number of backordered uniforms, the transition to the new uniform has been postponed till July 1, 2019.

If you are interested in joining or participating in the 4th degree, the next exemplification is April 20-21st in Brainerd, MN at Cragun’s resort. Email Jeremy at

Have a Happy & Blessed Easter

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