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February, 2018

Grand Knight’s Message
Wow! Advent is sure going by quickly. Lent is just around the corner and this a time which we give up meat. Many us also give up other things besides meat, so I invite you to share them and explain why you chose to give them up during lent. We will feature them in the March guidepost.
Right now we are in adjusting the meetings just a bit, to make them a little more fun and exciting. The vast majority of the reports are summarized during the general meeting, with detailed versions being stated at the Officer’s meeting instead. Ever since I have been in the council, the Lecturer’s program has not been implemented properly, so we are bringing it back and we started it at the January meeting by playing a round of Knights of Columbus Pictionary. Next Month’s Activity will be Knights of Columbus Jeopardy.
Just a reminder prior to next Month’s meeting we will be having chicken breast, rice, & dessert at 6:30pm. Social Hour at 5:30pm.
Vivat Jesus!

Jeremy Hadash
Grand Knight

Incentives for recruiting
There are many rewards for those who recruit new members at the Council Level, State Level, & Supreme Level- I will let you know if you earned these.

Big Deal Monthly Contest
There was no drawing in December & January. We will draw 3 winners at February Meeting.

Big Deal Council Year Contest
Your participation with various council functions will earn you an entry for a chance to win a $30 gift card. (when we do this for the next council year, it will be a $60 gift card!) How to earn entries: 1) Attend the monthly meeting gets you 1 entry, volunteering a shift for breakfast gets you 1 entry, 2 shifts=3 entries. Participating in council meeting activity-entries 1-2. Helping at a shift for concertina bowl, fish fry prep, during fish fry, and other events during the remainder of the year. The more you participate and help with, the more chances you have to win. Ladies are included. The winner will be drawn live at our year-end dinner. Good luck to you all.

Good of the Order- Reminder
I would like reported to me your good works, so I can mention during the meeting and in the guidepost. You can e-mail me at with the goods work that you or another brother knight has done.

Ladies Auxiliary
This month, we are having a Respect Life Meeting at the same time as the Knights. Please bring “Sample Bake Sale Goodies” to share. This meeting is for Veterans, specifically the Eagles Nest in Anoka. Eagles Nest is a non-profit group who provides home for homeless vets. Please consider bringing a personal donation for Eagles Nest to add to our Auxiliary donation.

Fish Fry Bake sales start the Friday before Lent (February 9) which is our usual “warm up” before Lent. Please have your baked goods there between 4:00 and 5:00 pm. Prices will be the same as last year. We appreciate anyone who can work for the bake sale, especially to help clean up in the dining area.

March will be nominations for our new officers. We need of a treasurer, so please consider helping us this coming year. All other officers have expressed an interest in continuing their positions.

I apologize the January article didn’t include the prayer intentions from our December meeting. Prayer intentions were made for Harold, Allie, and George medical issues. May Lloyd rest in peace. And may we pray for all those intentions thought and not spoken.

Jean Ackermann

Save the Date!
St. Tim’s celebrates its 75th Anniversary on May 20, 2018. Stay tuned on how we plan to celebrate.

Casino Trip
Casino Flyers are available for you to sign up. For only $10, you can catch the bus on Sunday, April 28th, from St. Timothy’s kitchen parking lot and have a full day of F-U-N. Contact Jan Dols or Kristi LaValle with questions.

Birthday Wishes
We take time this month to wish the following members of our council a Happy Birthday. We hope you all have a great day
Giles Lenzmeier, Dan Otte, Robert Sibinski, Jonathan Silverdahl, Ervin Chromey, Jack Jentz, Thomas Gerdes, Gerald Nelson, Kenneth Perry, Marland Kimmes, Paul Schlough, John Badzinski, Deacon Tom Quayle, Michael Thompson, Louis Dalzell, Gerald Arel, Bill Ohland, Timothy Briski, Ken Resler and Patrick Brandt.

Lenten Fish Fries
This year Ash Wednesday will be on February 14th which means our FIRST Council Fish Fry a warm up will be on February 9th. There will be six more with the exception of Good Friday. Your help is needed at noon setting up tables, chairs, placemats in the Hospitality Center with food prep in St. Tim’s kitchen starting at 1PM, during fish fries, cleaning up after and Saturday morning clean up usually at 7:00 AM. Anyone not working fish fries on Friday night please consider coming in on Saturday morning on occasion. This is our major charity fundraiser for the year and we are well known as having the best fish fry in the area. NOTE: No Confirmation groups are assigned to the first Fish Fry on February 9th to bus tables. Wives and older children, help is needed to bus tables the first fish fry and some fish fries during Lent. Any questions call Dick Dols.
Dave Lodermeier and Dick Dols Co-Chairman.

Fish Fry Menu
Baked Cod or Deep Fried Pollock; French Fries/Baked Potato, Baked Beans, Cole Slaw, Fresh Bread & Beverage. Prices: Adults $12; Seniors over age 62 $9; Children 12 and under $5. The Ladies Auxiliary will be selling baked goods, as usual, in the back of the Hospitality Center.

40th Annual Concertina Bowl
January 27th. Thanks to everyone who helped. More details in March Guidepost.

We Remember
This month we pray for the following members from our council who have gone before us. May they rest in peace. Dr. William Bendel Jr., William McClean Jr., Marvin White, Vern Plasience, James Booth, Al Llacqua, George Olson, William Dollie, Michael Gutenberg and Albert Kessler.

Brother Knights
Brother Knights
Where did 2017 go? It seems like it was summer yesterday and Thanksgiving was last week. I hope you and your family had a great finish to 2017.
Hopefully, you’ve established a few goals for this year. I’ve learned a great tip regarding resolutions. First, write them down. It’s not too late if you haven’t already done this. Commit your goals to paper and post it someplace you will see it often. Writing down a goal is the first step towards achieving it. It may not make sense at first, but I’m sure you have heard stories of the success this simple task can bring. Whether your goal is to exercise more, give more to charity, read more or watch less television, you’re more likely to accomplish it if you write it down.
Second, resolve to have an expert look at your finances. I recommend that you have a team of experts help you, and I would love to be the first you sit with. Let’s schedule some time to meet together, and I, your professional Knights of Columbus insurance agent, will provide an “insurance check-up” (at no cost!) that will evaluate any gaps in your family’s life insurance protection. Now might be the perfect time to fill those gaps, not later. Keep in mind that unlike many other products, you don’t just need money to obtain life insurance; you also need good health, and no one knows when your health could change.
Did I mention my check-up is free of charge? When was the last time you received something for free that could provide value to you and your family for generations? Call me today.

Alan Savage
KC Insurance Agent

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