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January, 2018

Grand Knight’s Message
As went through the month of December is Advent season is here and we celebrate the birth of our savior, Jesus Christ. We celebrate joyous times both near and far. This usually a time of giving to one another, but rather than thinking about yourself; think about what you can do to help others this season.
I wish you all joyous and prosperous New Year as we work together to finish our final 6 months of the fraternal year strong, feeling better than ever.
I am going to leave you with a few questions to reflect on during the final days of advent…
1) In what ways does Jesus’ coming at Christmas help us appreciate our need to place our lives in God’s hands?
2) How does the Advent and Christmas seasons help us appreciate God’s desire that we share his love with others? Whether we are single or married, describe ways that we can apply this truth to our family, neighbors, friends, and colleagues
Vivat Jesus!

• Incentives for recruiting:
     Council Level 1) If you recruit one new member, you’ll receive a free steak dinner. 2)If you recruit 3 new members, you’ll receive a free meal at the year-            end dinner. Your award will be issued as soon the new member has been through his 1st Degree.
     State Level: A chance to earn KC hats, shirts, & gift cards
     Supreme Level: Each member recruited gets you 1 Chance to go to Ireland
(As of 12/1)

Big Deal Contest- There was no drawing in my absence, thus we will draw 2 times in January.

Jeremy Hadash
Grand Knight

Ladies Auxiliary
Happy New Year Lady Auxilians
Jim and I hope you all had a safe and blessed Christmas season. We welcome you and your families to 2018.

As I look back through 2017, we celebrated our 50th anniversary of our auxiliary, purchased the new processional cross for St. Tim’s, and hosted the State Auxiliary Workshop. Our auxiliary was awarded the April Family of the Month by the Knights of Columbus #5141.  We had significant sales during the fish fries. We submitted 3,157 volunteer hours from 14 auxilians. We donated over $6,000 to various organizations. St. Tim’s received the most donations throughout the year.

Reminder--There is no meeting in January. Please consider helping sometime during the 12-hour Concertina Bowl Coat Check on Saturday, January 27th at Blainbrook. Contact Jan to volunteer to help us. All donations go to CEAP.

In February, we will be having a Respect Life Pot Luck for Veterans, specifically the Eagles Nest in Anoka. Eagles Nest is a non-profit group who provides home for homeless vets. Please consider bringing a donation for Eagles Nest.

Remember we start our bake sales the Friday before Lent (February 9). Please have your baked goods there between 4:00 and 5:00 pm. Prices will be the same as last year. Anyone who can work is appreciated. The men may need some help for the Fish Fries, so please keep that in mind.

Yours in Christ,
Jean Ackermann

Save the Date!
St. Tim’s celebrates its 75th Anniversary on May 20, 2018. Stay tuned on how we plan to celebrate.

Casino Trip
Casino Flyers are available for you to sign up. For only $10, you can catch the bus on Sunday, April 28th, from St. Timothy’s kitchen parking lot and have a full day of F-U-N. Contact Jan Dols or Kristi LaValle with questions.

Second Sunday Breakfast
Our breakfast will be Sunday January 14th. Help is needed with shift times 7:30am-10:30am & 10:30am-1:30pm, & prep at 6pm Sat. night. Please call Bob Roiger to help. This month’s breakfast will be egg bake.

Birthday Wishes
Happy Birthday to the following members who celebrated birthdays in December. Aleo Barkon, Patrick Vandrovec, Richard Arett, Jan Darveaux, Dick Dols, Michael Rohr, Ed Bicha, Justin Powers, Brad Hacker, Bob Cuddigan, Anders Robert Zmija, Andy Helseth and Al Loerzel. In January the following members will be celebrating a birthday. Eugene Otto, Donald Ridout, Raymond Sowada, Dick Witucki, Leonard Jansen, Steve Moorhouse, Ed Sherburne Jr., Peter Lundin, Leo Ripplinger, Edward Kidroski, William Bayer Jr., Lonnie Rudolph, Dennis Hoch, Dave Lodermeier, Carl Wymer, Tom Revering and Dan Hayford. We hope you all have a great day.

Prayer concerns
The Family of Mike Mikrut, Ed Bicha, Harold Amiot, Leo Riplinger, Dick Smith, Jorge Slater, Alice Turner (wife of James Turner), Dennis Koss, Bob Cuddigan’s Daughter, The Pope’s prayer for peace, all those effected by the storms and natural disasters, all those suffering from depression, all Serving Members of the Priesthood, Diaconate, and Religious Life, all serving members of the armed forces.

• Prayers keep us moving when in need, however we have gotten an extensive list for the last 2 months. We talked about this at the General meeting on November 15th, and after the discussion; we have decided that each name would be published at least 2 times in the Guidepost. After being published 2 times the name would be removed, unless stated by the member or someone who has spoken to that member. Also, we care about one another and we want how you are doing. Let us know if you have improved.

Good of the Order-
Reminder: I would like reported to me your good works, so I can mention during the meeting and in the guidepost. You can call me with the goods work that you or another brother knight has done.

40th Annual Concertina Bowl
40th Annual Concertina Bowl will be held Saturday January 27th. Dancing and listening to Polkas, Waltzes and old time favorites. Noon to 11PM. Let friends and family know. Profit will go into Council’s charity account.
Much help is needed. Kitchen starting at noon. Door guards starting at 11:00 AM. Door Guards after your shift I will need your help for fifteen minutes selling Raffle tickets for the Concertina Boy Gnome. I will explain on the 27th. Three hour shifts for Kitchen and Door Guards with a break in the middle. PLEASE consider the later shifts. I usually fill the early shifts right away and end up making numerous calls for late helpers. Also help setting up and tearing down dance floor and stage. Thursday 1/25 and Sunday January 28th. Questions and to volunteer please call Dick Dols.
Thanks and have a Happy New Year.

Art Ohotto and Dick Dols, Chairman.
Concertina Bowl Coat Check Will be run by Ladies Auxiliary. Details in Jean Ackermann’s article.

4th Degree News-
Due to the overwhelming number of backordered uniforms, the transition to the new uniform has been postponed till July 1, 2019.
1) Call Jeremy If you are interested in Joining or participating in the 4th degree, the next exemplification is April 20-21st in Brainerd, MN at Cragun’s      resort. 
2) DON’T THROW AWAY YOUR CAPES AND CHAPEAUS! There is more information to be coming out on rules of regalia for both new and old. Stay tuned and I will pass it on as soon as I find out. We will be using them till June 30, 2019.
3) If you didn’t order/pre-order your new uniform, the discount of 25% has officially expired.
4) Next Dinner meeting is January 8th in Loretto for renewal of obligations.

Help Is Needed
Your help is needed in keeping current contact information up to date.

First, we are fast approaching the time of year when some of you head to warmer climates. If you are doing so, please send me a note with the day you are leaving and the day you are coming back. Doing so you will save the council extra postage. Each year we spend a number of dollars trying to get you the guidepost only to have them returned, which still is a cost to us.

Second part of this is if you move, please send me the new address as soon as you know it. The same issue comes up when we do not have your new address. If you have a change of phone numbers to contact you we would also like to hear from you. Please contact FS Gerald Arel by email at with your changes.

Marathon Help Needed
We are in need of 8 -10 members and or spouses to help out at this year’s Non-Public Education event for The Way of the Shepherd Montessori School. We are now working this event for the 3rd year. It has been a lot of fun the past 2 years and I don’t see it changing this year. Years ago, we used to help out for the fall marathon and now the school we have been matched up with does a bowling marathon in place of the fall walking event. Your help is needed on Saturday, February 3rd from 2:30 to help with set up to shortly after 5 PM. The event is held at Ham Lake Lanes just up Highway 65 from most of us. Please sign up by contacting Gerald Arel.

Brother Knights
Knights of Columbus Insurance Information
The Pitfalls of Replacing Coverage

You know the old saying, “the grass seems greener on the other side of the fence,” but we all know that it rarely is. The same holds true when it comes to replacing your existing Knights of Columbus life insurance with coverage offered by another company. Perceptions are deceiving. A move to the “greener” grass on the other side of the fence might seem like a good one, but it can leave you with less green in your wallet — in some cases, a lot less. That’s why it pays to remember another old adage, “Read the fine print.”
There are many reasons to keep your existing coverage in force, whether that coverage is with the Knights of Columbus or with another company. I’ll focus on the potential pitfalls of replacing coverage here — pitfalls that an agent trying to convince you that the grass actually is greener might neglect to mention.
First, all life insurance contracts contain a contestability period, which allows the insurer to contest claims made for a period — typically two years — after the contract is issued. Chances are this is no longer an issue with your current coverage.
Second, it’s unlikely that you can obtain the same amount of coverage, for the same premium, that you were able to obtain with your existing contract. The two factors that determine how much you’ll need to pay for life insurance coverage are age and health. Certainly, you’re older now than you were when you took out your current coverage. There’s no way around that. And you have to ask yourself, has your health changed during that time? Is your blood pressure the same? Your cholesterol? Have you gained weight? All these factors can affect the amount of coverage you’ll get for your premium dollar.
If someone encourages you to replace — or worse, drop — your existing coverage, please call me. I’ll show you how your existing coverage is working for you and why replacement is rarely in your best interest.

Alan Savage
KC Insurance Agent

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